Issue 64, 1.5 mills Renewal


For nearly 50 years, the Hudson community has provided funds for the efficient, sensible and functional updates to its
school facilities
. The PIF provides specific funding for projects that are necessary to protect your capital investments.
The funds are used for exterior and interior updates to facilities, energy efficiency improvements, technology, safety and
security equipment and buses. These funds cannot be used for any purpose other than capital improvements. They
cannot be used for daily operations, salary or benefits.

The school district has placed a 1.5 mill permanent improvement, 5-year limited, RENEWAL levy on the November ballot.
This renewal will provide $1,328,301 per year and will cost the community NO ADDITIONAL TAXES.

A minimum of $278,000 per year will be dedicated to technology replacements and upgrades that are mission critical to
the new common core standards, on-line learning and state requirements for on-line student testing.


The Hudson Community Education and Recreation program depends on using school facilities and grounds for its
outstanding programs for Hudson residents of all ages. Your investment in the PIF is also an investment in HCER which
uses school facilities and grounds 7 days a week for more than 200 programs. Examples include adult education,
childcare, enrichment, recreational sports, music, camps and more.

In addition, the buildings, grounds and parking lots are used by community-based scouting, baseball, softball, basketball
and volleyball programs.


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