Use the links below to find information about mammals.

Books about Mammals can be found in the NONFICTION section of the library. 
Check these Dewey Decimal numbers:
    599.2          Marsupials (female has a pouch) 
   599.4          Bats
   599.5          Marine Mammals
   599.7          Carnivores (meat-eating)
   599.75        Cat Family
   599.77        Dog Family
   599.78        Bears
   599.8          Primates (monkeys) 

If you need help finding a book about your mammal, see your Library Staff.

Magazine Articles

Cozy Coats. Spider, Mar. 1995.

Cool SNOOZzzers. Ranger Rick, Jan. 2003.

How Do You Know It's a MAMMAL? Ranger Rick, May2007.


All students may access INFOhio databases from home, and have been given the passwords.   
World Book Kids: Mammal

Web Sites

All About Mammals

Animal Diversity Web

Critter Corner: Mammals

eNature Field Guides: Mammals

eSpecies Fact Sheets

National Geographic Kids: Creature Features

Natural History Notebooks: Mammals

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