HUDDLE, which stands for Helping Us Develop Dedication, Leadership and Enthusiasm is a mentoring program in which high school students educate younger students about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while building social skills.  Mentor-led learning is a type of role-modeling that enables youth to see good examples of people who are older and living a tobacco, alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. This program has been adapted to fit the Hudson City Schools curriculum standards.

The HUDDLE program targets many of the developmental assets, which have been identified by the Search Institute and Hudson's Community First as the building blocks of healthy development.

High school students are selected to be HUDDLE mentors after completing an application and interview process, and committing to being completely tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs-free.  HUDDLE mentors also complete a training session to learn how to effectively teach the HUDDLE lessons to the younger students.  They present three lessons to fourth grade students, and three lessons to sixth grade students.

If you would like more information about this program, contact Jennifer Chadima, Student Assistance Coordinator for Hudson Schools at 330-653-1494.

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