Substance Abuse Prevention Lesson Plans
National Parent Information Network
Kids Health For Kids
DRUGINFO International Database

National Health Information Center
American Council for Drug Education
American Medical Association
American Heart Association
American Society of Addiction Medicine
Health Resources and Services Administration
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
CSAP Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Community in Schools
Drug Abuse Prevention Lesson
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Partnership for a Drug Free America
Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati
Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Informational Resource
Drug Strategies
Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network
Ohio Online Prevention Information and Networking Support Systems
US Department of Education
Safe and Drug Free Schools Program
National Families in Action (drug prevention)
U.S. Food and Drug Association
Focus Adolescent Services
FreeVibe Drug Info

Drug Prevention Network of the Americas
The Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Information
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Expansion to Syndistar "In the Know" pamphlet series on drug information
Join Together Online Taking Action Against Substance Abuse
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Mental Health InfoSource
Pregnancy and Substance Abuse
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Teens, Crime and the Community
National Child Care Information Center
National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence
National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth
National Education Association Health Information Network
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Mental Health Association
Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth
Drug Free Communities Support Program
International Center for Advancement of Addicition Treatment
Parenting is Prevention
SAMHSA Prevention
DSS Prevention

List of Prevention Websites
Prevention Partners - Prevention Supplies
National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs
PRIDE Parent Resources and Information on Drug Education
Websites of Interest (drug and violence prevention)
Research Institute on Addictions
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
CSAPs Prevention Pathways
Online Directory of Alcohol and Addiction Recovery
Other Drug Abuse Related Sites
Teachers. The Anti-Drug
Parents. The Anti-Drug
Hough Youth Leadership Council
Your Anti-Drug
Office of National Drug Control Policy
World Health Organization
Youth Venture

Action on Smoking and Health
American Cancer Society
Secondhand Smoke
Bad Advertising
Kids Health
Lungs and Tobacco
Teacher of Health and Smoking
Tobacco and Kids - The Facts
Spoof Ads on Tobacco
American Legacy Foundation
Blowing Smoke - Arizona
Tobacco and Health
CDC Tobacco
Tips for Youth
Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco
Joe Chemo Org
Kick Butt Day
Kids Health
Lungs - Second Hand Smoke
Nicotine Free Kids
National Latino Council on Alcohol and tobacco Prevention
No Tobacco
Ohio - American Lung Association
In The Mix
Quit Net
Smoke Free
Smoke Free Families
Smoke Free Kids
Smoking Prevention
Stand Up - Speak Out - Against Tobacco
Tar Wars
The Truth
Tobacco Free Kids
Who Knew Smoke Free

Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Child and Alcohol
College Drinking Prevention
Drug Free Info

Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Marin Institute
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


Free Vibe

Marijuana Info

National Hotline







Painfully Obvious

Prescription drug info

Kids Health

Teen Drug Abuse


Addiction Action

Information about Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, GHB and others

Information on the links between HIV/AIDS and Drug Use

Peer Pressure

Information on Anabolic Steroids

Rape Information

National Inhalants Prevention Coalition

Project GHB




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