Hudson City Schools C.A.R.E. Program

Chemical Abuse Reduced through Education


What can a parent do to keep their child alcohol and drug free? Visit the link and click on the tab at the top labeled Is Your Teen Using. Click on Tips for Parents in the Learn section.

What should I do if I know my child is using one or more substances?  You can contact Student Assistance/C.A.R.E. coordinator, Mrs. Jennifer Chadima at 330-653-1494.  She can offer suggestions and provide information about community agencies and counselors who can work with you and your child to determine if a substance abuse problem exists.

Due to conflicting opinions about the dangers of marijuana, where can I learn more about this drug? A good link to visit is and click on Drug Information.  Also, check out

I found some pills.  How can I find out what they are? provides a color photo and information about all of the pills on the market. You can also contact your local pharmacist for assistance with identifying drugs.

My child seems to be experiencing problems with stress, frustration or other social problems.  You can contact your child's guidance counselor to determine how to best assist your child.

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