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Dusting is a new way for teens to get high by inhaling canned air.


  • Children as young as 6 years old might try Dusting.
  • Dusting can kill the very first time it's tried.
  • Talk to your child about the dangers of Dusting.
  • Dusting is as addictive as any drug or alcohol.


Dusting Doesn't Always Mean Getting Out the Pledge

By Heather Shockney

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November 6, 2006

What is Dusting? When you hear the term Dusting you might think of a can of pledge and some old rags you use to clean your coffee table with, well to many teenagers Dusting has a whole new meaning. It means a cheap way to get a quick high. They do this with a can of air used to clean computers and electronic equipment. They came up with the name Dusting from the brand of canned air Dust Off. Inhalant abuse often referred to as "Huffing" has been around for many years. The difference with Dusting is anyone can buy the canned air they don't have to be a certain age, and no one asks any questions as to why they are buying the canned air product.

When someone inhales the compressed gas it paralyzes them for a few minutes and gives them the high feeling. Dusting can cause damage to many of the internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, and the brain. In the worst cases it will cause death. One type of death from Dusting is referred to as Sudden Sniffing death. This occurs when the person inhales the canned air that contains gases and it makes the heart beat irregular and cause the person to have cardiac arrest. This can happen even if the person Dusting is perfectly healthy. The compressed air fills a persons lungs when they inhale and it keeps the oxygen from coming back in leading to their heart stopping. Dusting is very popular in the 12-13 year old age bracket. This is from the easy access to the canned air.

Many teens will try Dusting to be cool and fit in with their friends and then they become addicted to it just like they would with any alcohol or illegal drug. Dusting is very serious and needs to be discussed with your child. They need to understand that they can die the very first time they tried it. Some stores have stepped up and started to only sell the canned air to people over the age of 18, along with putting warning labels on the can. Some things to look for to determine if your teenager might be Dusting are:
1.The can seems to be getting empty at a fast rate.
2. Empty cans in the trash.
3. You notice your child buying several cans of the product.
4. You notice a strange smell in your child's room or on their clothes.
5. You find residue from the canned air on their skin or clothing.
6. Your child has faraway look or bloodshot eyes.

Sometimes a teen might think they are not doing anything that wrong since its not a drug or a type of alcoholic drink, so they need to be warned that Dusting is just as dangerous if not worse then any other type of illegal substance. Often the teens believe they are just inhaling air when they are dusting, this is not the case. The canned air contains a Freon type gas. All children need to be warned of the dangers of Dusting. Even though most are teens, the practice of dusting can be found in kids as young as six.They might see their older sibling doing it and think they want to do just like them and give Dusting a try. If you notice any strange behavior or find any unusual household products in your child's room, take the time to talk with them and find out what is going on. There are so many products found in the house that can be abused its scary. Some examples are: air freshener, white out, glue, hair spray, vegetable cooking spray, spray deodorant, spot removers, and many others. Make sure your child is aware of the dangers of Dusting along with inhaling any other product.




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