Shakespeare and Elizabethan Times

To prepare for reading Shakespeare, you will learn more about "the good old days" so we can better picture the time period.  The following resources will be helpful to you as you are completing this assignment.

Print Resources

Please use the books on the cart or search the online catalog for your topic.  Don't get too specific when using the online catalog.  Terms like "Elizabethan life" or "Shakespeare" work best.


Student Resource Center:  Search across all databases. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library:  Access from Student Resource Center. Click on history under publications to expand the list.  Click under Elizabethan World Reference Library.  This is a 4-volume e-book.  Look for your topic under the table of contents or index.

 Best of the Web

Life in Elizabethan England


Queen Elizabeth I and her times

Life of Shakespeare

Encyclopaedia Britannica's Guide to Shakespeare

Social Life in Shakespeare's time

Elizabethan Life

Online Shakespeare

More on Queen Elizabeth












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