Mr. Bart Griffith, Treasurer/CFO

Overview - The Treasurer's Office oversees all of the financial operations of the district.  The Chief Financial Officer reports directly to the Board of Education.

Local Tax Effort Index, Expenditure Per Pupil Analysis
(02-09-06) - This presentation utilizes statistics created by the Ohio Department of Education and compares Hudson CSD to its peers. The Local Tax Effort Index measures the amount of local support provided to the  local school district or financial input while the Expenditure Per Pupil statistic illustrates the financial output. The peer groups selected are Summit county school districts, Cuyahoga county school districts, and those northeast Ohio school districts rated "Excellent" on the most recent Local Report Card. Format: PowerPoint, Web Slide Show, or Acrobat (pdf).

This House Bill 66 oriented financial presentation (10-10-05) will attempt to explain the impact of the recently enacted legislation by the Ohio General Assembly eliminating our $4.0M of tangible personal property and modifying our state aid formula. PowerPoint, Web Slide Show, or Acrobat (pdf).

The Expenditure Flow Model presentation (09-12-05) will provide a basis for understanding how our cost per pupil is calculated and how it compares to surrounding school districts. PowerPoint, Web Slide Show, or Acrobat (pdf).

Treasurer Bart Griffith earns Making Your Tax Dollars Count Award from State Auditor's Office.

Bart Griffith, Treasurer of the Hudson City School District, has earned the Auditor of State's Making Your Tax Dollars Count Award. This is the third year in row the District has earned this award. Only 5% of all government entities in Ohio are eligible to receive this recognition from the State Auditor's Office.

In order to be eligible for this award, government entities must complete and submit a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and there must be no finding or issues present in the district's most recent audit report. In addition, there must be no other financial concerns.

Copies of the Comprehensive Financial Annual Report are available in the Treasurer's Office.


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