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Famous People in Ohio-
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To locate books about these famous Ohioans, please use their last name in the online catalog or check the biography section of the media center.

Appleseed, Johnny                   Ohio presidents:
Edison, Thomas                           Garfield, James
Morrison, Toni                              Grant, Ullyses S.
Oakley, Annie                              Harding, Warren
Owens, Jesse                              Harrison, Benjamin
Rylant, Cynthia                            Harrison, William Henry
Spielberg, Steven                        Hayes, Rutherford B. 
Tecumseh                                    McKinley, William
Wright brothers                            Taft, William Howard

To locate books by these Ohio authors, please use their last name in  the online catalog or check the fiction and paperback shelves in the media center.

Adoff, Ardnold                              McCloskey, Robert
Babbitt, Natalie                             Pilkey, Dav
Borntrager, Mary Christner            Pryor, Bonnie
Hamilton, Virginia                         Rosen, Michael J.
Lewis, J. Patrick                           Rylant, Cynthia 

Famous Ohioans

List of Famous Ohioans some with links for additional information

Ohio Memory--Famous Ohioans

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