Dress Code

The following guidelines are intended to further address and explain the HHS dress code as outlined in the Student Handbook on page 31.

School dress and grooming should be similar to what would be appropriate for an informal workplace or place of business.

School dress and grooming style should not have a distracting influence or pose a possible health or safety hazard.

Appropriate dress includes:

  • Skirts and shorts that are at least fingertip length long.
  • Shirts should fully cover the midriff, regardless of what the student is doing.
  • Underwear (including boxers and bra straps) should be covered at all times.
  • Halters, backless, and strapless tops are not permitted.
  • All tank tops should be at least the width of two fingers at the shoulder.
  • Hats and bandannas should not be worn in the building from 7:30AM-2:30PM. Students arriving or leaving at other times should wait until they exit before putting hats on.
  • Clothing, jewelry, and accessories that contain sharp edges or spikes are not permitted.
  • Clothing and accessories should not advertise or suggest drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, weapons, violence, profanity, or obscenities.


If a student is sent to the office for a dress code violation, he/she will be given the opportunity to change.

The student will be permitted to call a parent to bring clothes, however the student will remain in the main office while they wait for their parent to arrive.

If a student does not have a change or clothes or parents refuse or can not come to school, the student will spend the remainder of the school day in In-School Restriction.

Repeated violation of the HHS dress code policy will result in school discipline.