Hudson High School Guidance & Counseling


The Hudson High School Department of Guidance and Counseling is committed to meeting the unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs of each student. A variety of services are provided to support this effort.

All students will participate in career units through ninth grade health classes, tenth grade English classes, eleventh grade History classes, and attendance at Career Awareness Night. The goal is for all students to develop an understanding of their strengths and interests. This information will help students prepare for what they plan to do after high school.

Counselors assist students in the college selection process. Beginning in the junior year, students are instructed as to the appropriate sequence of activities they need to follow in order to identify colleges that match their needs. Counselors present information through large group assemblies, classroom guidance activities and individual conferences. Students learn how to access materials that include computer search programs, guidance files on individual colleges, college guide books, catalogues and videos. These are available in the guidance office and in the library. Students are also provided opportunities to visit with college representatives who come to our campus each fall. Information is also provided regarding the ACT and SAT testing programs.

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