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September 10thBoard of Education Announces 2012-2013 Coffee Schedule

The Board of Education will hold its Community Coffees for the 2012-2013 school year beginning on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 from 8AM until 9:30AM at Panera. The Coffees provide community members the opportunity to discuss school information and address issues or concerns with Board members in a setting outside of a formal Board meeting.

BOE Coffees
Tues. Sept. 18 8-9:30AM Panera
Thurs. Oct. 4 7-8:30 PM Caribou
Tues. Oct. 16 8-9:30AM Starbucks
Thur. Nov. 8 7-8:30PM Panera
Tues. Nov. 27 8-9:30 AM Caribou
Tues. Dec. 11 7-8:30PM Starbucks
Thur. Jan. 24 8-9:30AM Panera
Wed. Feb. 6 7-8:30PM Caribou
Wed. Feb.20 8-9:30AM Starbucks
Tues.Mar.19 7-8:30PM Panera
Tues. Apr. 9 8-9:30AM Caribou
Thur. Apr. 25 7-8:30PM Starbucks
Wed. May 8 8-9:30AM Panera
Wed. May 22 7-8:30PM Caribou


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