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October 29thHudson Schools Emergency Closing Information

The Hudson City Schools uses a variety of resources to notify parents of school closings, most commonly due to severe weather. With the storm watch information for our area showing potentially high winds on Tuesday and Wednesday, we are asking that you familiarize yourself with the Hudson City Schools' Closing Information. High winds can bring about difficult communications with the loss of electricity and cable/ internet. Should there be wide-spread power outages, the District's Alert Now calling system will be our first and best form of communication should we need to cancel or delay the start of school. The Alert Now call centers are located throughout the country and calls can be made from areas unaffected by storms.

If available to us, we will use all forms of communications listed in the Hudson City Schools' Closing Information. We will notify you as early as possible should there be a 2-hour delay or cancellation of school due to storms, and/or any other circumstances.

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