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October 3rd1.5 mills, 5-Year Limited Permanent Improvement Levy Renewal Facts

For nearly 50 years, the Hudson community has provided funds for efficient, sensible and functional updates to its school facilities. The Permanent Improvement Fund (PIF) provides funding for projects that are necessary to protect your capital investments. The funds are expended in five different categories: shelter, safety and security, learning environment/technology, essential services and efficient operations. The Board of Education has placed a 1.5 mills, 5-year limited RENEWAL on the ballot, Issue 64, which results in NO NEW TAXES for homeowners or businesses. To view how the PIF has been used in the PAST five years and how they are prioritized for the NEXT five years, visit the Pathway to the PIF web page. Video includes: Join business manager Derek Cluse as he walks you through the campus to explain how your PIF dollars keep students and staff warm, safe and dry, and ready for 21st century learning and teaching.

A Quick Overview of the 1.5 mills, 5-year limited PIF Renewal, Issue 64

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