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June 10thThe 2014 Community Phone Survey Says...!

The Hudson City School District surveyed the Community during the first week of May, 2014. The results of the survey were presented at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting. If you would like to watch the presentation, the meeting video is available on the new website. Tom Speaks, principal partner at the Impact Group, explained the results.  As part of the District’s on-going Strategic Plan, the community is surveyed approximately every five years. The last survey was conducted in 2009.

The phone poll was conducted by the Impact Group, a public relations firm that specializes in surveying communities. Appropriate samples of the responses were taken from each ward in Hudson. The 321 responses provides at 95% confidence level. Prior to the survey, cabinet administrators worked with the Impact Group to determine what questions to ask that would provide guidance for the future development of our strategic plan for academics, finances, communications and leadership.

As you read through the survey, you will see many positive themes emerge. From the many positive themes, it is clear that our community values the strength and professionalism of our staff and views the Hudson City School District as a leader in education.In addition, community perception indicates that there are some challenges.

The 2014 Community Survey Results are located on the new website:

 June 9, 2014 Board of Education meeting video: Community Survey Results, presented by Tom Speaks from the Impact Group. The presentation located under the Educational Focus portion of the Agenda and starts approximately 25-30 minutes into the Board meeting.




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