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December 15thAn Important Message to Our Parents About School Safety

As we all watch the images unfold of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, it is impossible as parents and educators to do anything but grieve and pray for the families at this time. On Monday, when your children and our staff return to school, safety will continue to be our number one priority. Our counselors will also be ready to work with our students, families and staff as needed.

Over the past decade, our district has worked to implement more and more security measures to provide a safe learning environment. We recognize that the safety issues confronting our schools are serious.

Our district has worked with Ken Trump, a national expert on school safety, law enforcement and other school experts to build a safety plan for each building in our school district. In addition, each building conducts safety drills throughout the year that include emergency fire and weather, and lockdown procedures for any type of intrusion. We began training our staff in an additional safety program this fall. Two weeks ago, we met with a law enforcement school safety officer to learn about putting more safety measures in place in all our schools for lockdowns, and we activated a new district-wide system for emergency alerts within our buildings.

We also know that some of the best safety plans include asking students, staff and families to say something if they see or hear something that poses a threat to our schools.  Educational programs, such as the Rachel's Challenge program and other comprehensive anti-bullying programs we conduct in our schools positively impact safety and security at all ages.

We don't have all the answers, but we are committed to seeking expert advice and implementing programs that will help keep our schools safe. We will need your continued support and will ask for your input as we continue to evaluate our school safety plans. We have a great school/community relationship and we all care deeply about our children. Together, we will work toward the most important goal of keeping them safe.

For more information about helping your children cope with tragedy visit:

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