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August 14thOnline Student Fee Payment Update

The Hudson City School District is offering a complete, online fee payment for student lunches effective immediately. Online fee payments for student fees, activity fees and pay-to-participate fees begin August 22, 2012. A letter with updated information is being mailed to families this week. Registration is open and information is easily accessible on the District's web site at and on each building web page. Look for the "Manage Meal Payments and so Much More!" button. Click to register and manage your student(s) account(s). If you need assistance with registration, please call MyPaymentsPlus Customer Service at 1-877-237-0946.

(If your athlete has already paid their pay-to-participate fee by check, the information has been recorded in the Athletic Office and the entry will show on student's account at a later date.)

As in the past, checks are also an acceptable method of payment for lunch and all other fees.

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