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The Hudson City Schools provides a variety of ways for parents, residents, students and staff to be informed and involved in their schools.


Web site:

The school Web site provides in-depth information about all aspects of the school district. This interactive tool contains the most up-to-date information about what is happening in the district. In addition, the Web directly links parents to teachers, the classroom and student performance. Administrative, departmental and Board of Education information is also available on the Web. Other important school information, such as, community groups, and State and Federal School data, is provided through web links.



The Hudson City School District uses Facebook to connect with its parents, community and alumni. Both video and photo content are posted routinely on the "Hudson City Schools " Facebook page. Please remember to "Like" us on Facebook.



The Hudson City Schools uses Twitter to reach a demographic that uses web and mobil apps to communicate with our schools. Follow us @hudsonohschools


Fact Checker:

Fact Checker is a web based program that offers community members the opportunity to ask the district questions on a variety of topics.



E-Subscribe, introduced in 2006, is a new subscription email service that allows parents and community members to receive emails containing information when it is posted on the Web. As a subscriber, school patrons may select specific topics of interest, including finance, individual school news, district communications and emergency information.

H-Alert and E-connect: 
H-Alert is a high speed phone calling serive that is used to deliver messages to multiple phone lines for emergency, weather related information and building high priority messages. This system is used when the district needs to reach parents immediately or timely information needs to reach parents. Up to two phone numbers per family can be used for H-Alert. E-connect is a slower phone calling service that is use for building informational purposes. Up to two phone numbers per family can be used. If the H-Alert message system is activated, both the H-Alert numbers and E-Connect numbers are called. This is not the case for E-connect messages - -only E-connect numbers will be called.


School District Explorer Pride E-Newsletter:

3- 4 times each year the school district publishes Explorer Pride E-newsletter to parent and community subscribers.


School Calendar of Activities:

A school district monthly calendar of activities is maintained on the Web site.


Press Releases, News Tips, Photo Opps and Photographs:

The Hudson City School District Communications Manager works with local media to provide weekly, monthly and yearly information to area news media.


School Newsletters:

Elementary announcements and newsletters are delivered electronically. Hudson Middle School posts daily information, announcements news and athletic information and a quarterly newsletter on the Web. The High School posts all announcements and activities on the web, and e-subscribes monthly newsletters home to parents.


Progress Book:

Progress Book is a web-based student and parent tool that provides up-to-date information concerning individual student grades and progress. This tool will debut for high school students in December 2006 and Middle School students in 2007.


 Crisis Communications:

The Hudson City School District has a comprehensive crisis communications plan for the District and for each building. The plan includes all aspects of school safety, including weather, illness, intrusion, external threats and violence. In addition, the plan provides communications guidelines and crisis counseling for students and staff.


Surveys, Focus Groups, Communications Audits and Advisory Committees.

The Hudson City School District routinely surveys its staff and community concerning a variety of issues about our schools. Most recently the District has contracted with the Impact Group to conduct a community survey.  The Superintendent works with a cross-tab of community members, parents and volunteers to receive input about topics such as finance and school programs. In addition, the public is encouraged to attend Board of Education meetings and to share comments. In addition, Hudson Parent Teacher Organization and offer school Dialogs and Hudson Parent Teacher Association Evening Forums are held regularly to help foster parent, school and community discussion. In addition, the Board of Education holds Gold Mining, informal sessions, with community members 4 times per year.


Special Events and Partnerships:

Celebrating student success is vital to building pride and unity in the community and schools. Events held throughout the year help to build powerful partnerships with area business, parent organizations and residents. Some of these events include band shows, concerts, plays, athletic competitions, Hudson Parent Teacher Organization, Pancake Breakfast, Art Shows, Hudson Parent Teacher Association, Reflections, Community First, "Ready, Set, Relax," Children's Mental Health Coalition events, CARE/Hudson Parent Partnerships, presentations on substance awareness, Pep Rally's, the Historical Display Room.


Hudson Cable TV:

The Hudson School District partners with HCTV providing facilities for its operations located at Hudson High School. Board of Education meetings are aired on regularly scheduled programming. HCTV also covers a variety of school events, including athletics, concerts and other special programs.


Live Web-streaming of Board of Education Meetings:

Hudson Board of Education meetings are streamed live on the District's website at Click on "View Meetings."


Alumni Development:

The Hudson City Schools has developed a comprehensive Web site for alumni to reconnect with each other. In addition, the schools partner with the Alumni Association to host an Alumni Weekend during Homecoming.


Communications Action Plan:

The District operates its communications as part of the overall district Strategic Plan. Marketing and communications strategies are designed each year to support the goals and objectives of the four major areas of the plan, including Academics, Facilities, Finances and Communications. As part of the Action Plans the District has established a Communications Impact Group that will meet 3X per year to provide input on issues for dialog topics, offer feedback on community understanding of issues and information and to help generate ideas for communications.