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Softball is a very fun sport, however, there are a lot of disadvantages of playing it. Softball could be very expensive. Some things that every softball player needs it order to play is a bat, a glove, a helmet, a uniform and cleats. It is optional to get batting gloves, however most players prefer to have some, and the type of bat, glove and cleats you want. Most gloves are about $70 dollars each, batting gloves average about $15 a pair, bats (depending on which one you get) range from $200 to $300, catchers equipment is around $140 altogether, uniforms range from $75 to $100, depending on which brand you get and if you play tournaments, each tournament costs about $500.


The picture all the way to the left is of a bat, home plate, a glove and a softball. The first picture to the right of that is of a pair of batting gloves. Most people prefer to wear batting gloves when they bat.

The next picture down is of a catcher. Everything that she is wearing is the protection that every catcher needs to wear. It consists of a mask, chest protector, knee pads and a catchers glove.

The next picture down is of Mizuno metal cleats. Most professionals prefer to wear either Mizunos or Nikes. You can either wear metal cleats or plastic cleats.

The next picture down is of a catchers glove. A catcher’s glove is very different than a regular glove. It’s got a lot more padding around the palm of your hand and it has a bigger web. Especially as you get older, just about every catcher should be using a catcher’s glove.

If you are playing in the 12 and under softball leagues, you must be wearing either tennis shoes or plastic cleats. You are not allowed to wear metal cleats. However, if you play in 14u or older leagues, you are allowed to wear plastic and metal cleats. You are also allowed to wear metal cleats during your high school season. Even though you’re allowed to wear them, doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Plastic cleats, depending on the brand you get, is around $35, but metal cleats are around $100. As you can see, softball is a very expensive sport. Also, if your team does good, they might play teams out of state which will cost more because you will need to pay for a hotel.

Softball is normally a spring and summer sport but many people play it year round. Even though you’re supposed to play it when it’s hot and sunny outside, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Therefor, people have built indoor softball fields. There is an indoor softball field located in Akron, Ohio, called Spano Dome. Their is also a facility out in Garretsville, Ohio called G-Plex. It is really an indoor soccer field but it can also be used as a turf softball field. Teams usually practice in these facilities too. Another thing that most kids don’t like is teams practice 2-3 times a week, so it will take some extra time and effort.

The main negative of playing softball is the amount of injuries. There are many injuries you can get from playing softball. A common injury that pitchers get is the rotator cuff injury, and lower back problems. Pitchers get the rotator cuff injury from pitching too much or having bad posture. This is a very serious injury and most people that get it are unable to play for 1-2 years due to recovery. The lower back injury is also due to bad posture and the way that you pitch. This isn’t as bad of an injury but it is very common. Although most pitchers are only unable to play for a maximum of one year. Other injuries that could happen is breaking ankles or tearing ligaments in your legs. This can happen just by sliding too close to a base, or just your foot getting caught under you. You can also get hurt just by getting hit with the ball. You can be out for a season but it all depends on where you get hit and how fast the ball was going.

Even though there are many disadvantages to playing, there are still many good things about playing. Softball is a sport that can be played year round. Since you’re able to play softball in the winter, people have made indoor facilities to make that possible. There are travel/competition teams and their are rec-ball teams so if you’re not ready or you want to play better competition, then you get to choose which level you want to play. Throughout the years of playing, you will make a lot of friends that you will never forget. As people say, softball is a small world. Also, if teams do really good, they will travel around the country and end up staying together in hotels. This makes really good bonding and memories that you will never forget.