The sport of tennis has evolved immensely since its origin some 400 years ago. From the equipment and courts, to the stadiums and fans, tennis has become a wonderful sport enjoyed by so many around the world. Not only is tennis fun to watch, there are many benefits to playing the game as well. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to picking up the sport, but the positives greatly outweigh the negatives effects of tennis. Today, players are able to use a variety of rackets and strings to help them best suit their style of play, whether it be competitive or recreational. This helps people playing the sport be able to take part in tennis their entire life, without risk of severe injury such as tennis elbow or joint problems as a result of playing tennis.

Look How Far It’s Come!

Pros and Cons


-High calorie burning exercise

  1. -Mental benefits

  2. -Improved bone density

  3. -Easy to start playing

  4. -Life-long sport

  5. -Promotes goal setting


  1. -High-Impact

  2. -Repetitive stress

  3. -Expensive

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Top left: Modern tennis player, Rafiel Nadal at Wimbledon

Top right: Wimbledon in England

Bottom left: Modern tennis player, Andy Roddick at U.S. Open

Bottom center: Merged movie