the History of the chevrolet camaro

Top: 1967 Camaro Super Sport

2nd: 1969 Camaro Super Sport

3rd:1970 Camaro Z/28

4th: 3rd generation Camaro

5th:2000 Camaro Bottom Right :2012 Camaro Zl1

Top Right: 2012 Camaro Hot Wheels concept

Bottom Right : hot wheels Camaro

In 1967, Chevrolet came out with the Camaro to compete with the pony car the ford mustang. little did Chevrolet know they had one of the best muscle cars on the market. The Camaro like the Mustang which was based off the Ford Falcon. The Camaro was based off the Chevrolet Nova. In 1967, the Camaro had two options the Super Sport or the Rally Sport which both included larger engines then the stock 1967 Camaro. In 1968 Camaro had very few changes to design. Then in 1969 the Camaro became very popular. The 1969 Camaro had some exterior improvements very similar to the 1968 model. The 69’ Camaro came in a few different models the Super Sport, Rally Sport. The rare ZL1 model which included an even larger engine. Also in 1969, a Chevrolet dealer in Pennsylvania made its own custom Camaro’s. They were named after the owner of the dealership Don Yenko. both the Zl1 and the Yenko Camaro are in high demand  because the limited numbers of the produced. the 1970 Camaro was a continuation of the 1969 Camaro they never produced a 1970 Camaro. This was the end of the first generation Camaro (1967-1970). The seconded generation Camaro which began in the middle of 1970 all the way up to 1981. The seconded generation of Camaro’s were inspired by Ferrari but the Camaro’s became less powerful because of the fuel crisis and emissions regulations. The deign of the Camaro changed and a less powerful engine during this generation. The third generation Camaro started in 1982 to 1992 the Camaro design also changed during this period. Also during this period the introduced the Camaro IROC-Z which was named after the International Race of Champions. The IROC-Z had its own set of graphics on the car. this model Camaro came out in 1985. During this generation the Camaro came out with a t-top model. the fourth generation Camaro started in 1993-2002. Camaro changed design to a newer look with a round front. This new model Camaro came in two different way the 3.4 liter GM’s V-6. they also produced the 5.7 liter small block V-8. This was the same engine used in the Chevrolet Corvette. In 2000 Chevrolet add radio controls on steering wheels and a 12 disc- CD changer. From 2002 - 2010 Camaro were not produced they stop making them because of the decrease of sales of the Chevrolet Camaro. The fifth generation 2010- Present In 2009 Chevrolet announced that they will be starting a new line of Camaro which were released in 2010. The fifth generation Camaro has been one of the most popular muscle cars between the mustang and challenger. The popularity of this car has increased. It had several TV and movie appearances such as in the movie Transformers where the 2010 car has the lead role as Bumblebee. There have also been a few special Camaro’s produced such the new Camaro ZL1 which has not been released yet but it has 580 Horse Power. Also a replica of the 1969 Camaro Indy pace car is for sale. The most recent model of the Camaro that is out is the hot wheels replica Camaro. It is an exact replica of the favorite children's toy. The Camaro has been around for a long time and i hope that this famous muscle car continues to improve over time to become the best muscle there is.

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