Auf Wiedersehen Frau Kunze!

Aminah Musa

Emily Stuursma/ The Explorer

Frau Kunze, who will be retiring this year, sports a nostalgic “lächeln” or smile. Kunze, an Austrian native, has been teaching German since 1992. 

The Blue Ribbon school is losing the German touch. Diana Kunze, a native Austrian and German speaker, took a journey to the U.S. seeking a job where she could show her passion and love for teaching German to the future generation. Kunze is going to be retiring from Hudson High at the end of this year. 

She has been teaching German to students since 1992, and until this day she is on the mission to improve HHS’s German language skills. 

She says she does not forget the day when she walked into Principal Brian Wilch’s office and started to sob when she decided to retire. She couldn’t believe that her teaching experience would suddenly come to an end. She cried not only because she won’t be spreading the beauty of the German culture, she says, but she also states that her students are “unforgettable, inspiring.” She loves her students with a great amount of passion. Although her students are “naughty and spunky,” she still puts up a delightful smile. 

Her retirement isn’t the end of her unforgettable journey. She says that she’s writing a novel about her family’s ancient stories and treasures hidden within Europe. With a large amount of research and patience, she is wrapping up her novel. She doesn’t exactly have the date she will be publishing it. Her book encourages people to visit and experience the beauty of Germany. 

Kunze clearly states that she is living her dreams of working with young people, educating them the significance of the German traditions.

 “I never thought that I would expose students to the strong intellectual literature of the German language,” she stated. 

When she is retired, she plans on taking a river cruise in Europe with her husband and enjoy her time with him. She wants to spend more time with her four children. She sweetly says that her children are “ the joy of her life.”


2012-05-23 12:20:05