Kids, Meet Technology

Lydia Ramlo

Technology is spreading. Electronics are now given to younger and younger people. Have you ever gone to the store and seen young kids carrying around an IPad or IPod? 

According to HHS history and government teacher Mike Egan, "Any parent who owns an iPad will be constantly harassed by the kids, even more so than iPhone-owning parents are today. The path of least resistance for parents will be to just get the kids an iPad of their own. I think parents will do this by the millions.”  

Is this good or is it bad? 

English teacher Jessica Stiffler’s nephews, Cash and Roman, are now 21 months old and they both have their own Ipads! What does a toddler do with an IPad, anyways? They don’t have a job or  talk fluently. Even though games can be bought too, not all toddlers can decipher most of them. Also, most apps and games are also not appropriate for this age. Yes, there are some apps and games, but is it worth buying a $120 to $500 “toy” for a kid?

     However, children and toddlers are getting used to technology at that age. This means they are learning skills that will help them in their future. Also, this technology is helping kids learn to read and write faster. Getting use to the technology may bring a new generation of ideas. 

     Then there are kids who are becoming hurt by these electronics. Obesity is one of the major issues as a result of technology.  Obesity, though, isn’t the sole effect of electronic overload; it’s just one of the many. The parents need to take a stronger hand in the limits of the children’s hours on the screens.

     Technology and kids are a great thing with many positive outcomes, but I think there is a limit on what is acceptable. Toddlers with their own IPads and Ipods? Maybe not. But toddlers starting to use their families Ipads and Ipods? Acceptable. A kid staring at the screen for three hours straight is not a good idea, but kids interacting and moving around with electronics like the Wii (Fit) or Xbox Connect is accepectable. This is how kids should meet their technology today.



2012-05-17 10:12:43