Girls’ track and field won’t let difficulties stop them

Ivy Shi

     A track season without a track to run on seems like an impossible obstacle, but the Lady Explorers track and field team knows how to meet a challenge. 

   “The girls have done a truly fantastic job. They’re ready to go wherever we are,” says Head Coach Ken Fisher. 

   He praises the girls for their outstanding attitude and really stepping up to meet the test the challenge of the new stadium phenomenally.

    “We have had some unbelievable leadership from our seniors. They have embodied a positive attitude everywhere. Whether they’re running somewhere new or the weather is miserable, it hasn’t affected the ladies in the slightest,” Fisher says. 

   The team captains are seniors Ellen Dahlby, Reilly Jones, Colleen O’Neil and Ingrid Petterson. The girls have had a tossed up schedule, often practicing at Woodridge High School, Western Reserve Academy and at Hudson Middle School.    

   “Right now we are at the peak of our training, doing the hardest work,” says Fisher. “We’re tapering right now, so that we can see our times drop for the end of our season, so that they can peak in time for conferences.” 

   In addition to the construction of the new stadium, the girls face even more challenging opponents this year. 

   “Our district meet is in Nordonia this year,” says coach Ed Hoffmeier. “It’s one of the hardest districts; the girls who come out of districts to regionals have a very good chance of qualifying for states.” 

   “We have a very good hurdler, Ingrid Petterson and Caroline Sauers has qualified for the state tournament for the past two years,” says Hoffmeier. “She took fourth place in the 1,600 meter last year.”

   “Caroline just returned last week, and is expected to continue to be a driving force,” says Fisher. “Even before she was back, though, we were performing very well.”

   “Madison Hartline stepped up, as well as Marissa Sinko to fill Caroline’s gap,” says Fisher. “Colleen O’Neil has also been running very well, and Michaela Kasik has been doing great in the pole vault.”

   Such ambitious goals paired with the difficult conditions require exceptional determination from the girls. 

   “We just need to believe in ourselves, and run fast,” notes Hoffmeier. “We try to bring courage to each meet.”

   Yet beyond the awards and competition and marks, everyone agrees the girls have created something larger from this season. 

   “We try as hard as we can, but the most important thing is to have fun,” adds Hoffmeier. “The girls have gotten along so well this season, there’re all together and on the same page. They’re all divas.”

   Fisher concurs, “There’s been so many smiles and laughter this year.”

   We’ll all keep our eyes peeled as we watch this incredible team that has gone up against all odds this year. 

   “I’m really excited to hopefully see all their times drop and see them peak at the end of this season,” says Fisher. “They’ve been working extremely hard and put in the time and effort, and deserve to see their improvement in full effect.”  



2012-05-17 10:12:14