Introduction photo class, new choice to paint with light while saving some money

Jenna Breslin


    “Ready, set, pose!” The new digital photography program here in Hudson High School has only this year emerged as a popular elective and will be expanding its course offerings next fall. Introduction to Digital Photography: an overview of the digital photography process, taught by professional photographer Jim Roetzel, is a semester class open to all grades and experience levels. 


    “This is the Crystal Light © of photo. It’s like me sans about 100 pounds,” says Roetzel. “It is not unlike what Digital Photo I is; however, students will be allowed to use cameras other than a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.” 


   Students interested in taking this new course are able to use a more traditional point-and-shoot camera and will be learning more about the workings of Photoshop © and layout before diving into the gritty details of the art in Digital I. Roetzel hopes that by introducing students to the theory and skill of digital photography, they will, as a result, emerge as better photographers.

As in many other art courses, there is a $40 fee required from all students looking to polish their photo skills. 


   “There are no free lunches… when they are, they’re usually not very tasty, so keep that in mind,” says Roetzel. “The biggest cost for the photo class is the ink and the paper, so that’s about $40, except for the Canadian students who have to pay around $6,000.”


   So why take Introduction to Digital Photography instead of Digital I? Besides Roetzel’s classic sense of humor, camera costs will have a large impact on the number of people who begin in Introduction to Digital Photography, as opposed to the number of those who begin in Digital Photo I. 


   “One benefit I can definitely see is that the point-and-shoot cameras are way cheaper,” says photo enthusiast senior Dan Tidyman. He added, “Also, they’re 

way easier to use anyone can use a point-and-shoot these days.” 


    Though Tidyman maintains he would still take Digital I and jump in with both feet, he agrees that this new course would be wonderful for those who want to get some experience under their belts before looking for that 35 millimeter DSLR in the Christmas stocking. 



2012-05-22 07:18:10