Tracking down Track and Field

Peyton Brown

Senior Matt Margida tosses the shot put during a meet this season. The track team has had a trying year with the travel involved due to construction on the new stadium.

Used with permission/Charlie Yanda

    It is a year of confusion for the Hudson Track and Field team. One does not have to look all that far to see this. Just ask the nearest track or field member where their practice is. If one were to ask them where they would be practicing later that week, they would be lucky to get response other than, “I don’t know.” 

   This dilemma hasn’t appeared to have affected track and field’s season, however. With a record of five wins and no losses, as of press time, it seems that they have adapted and prospered in the lack of a domestic track to practice on. They no longer have a track to practice on in Hudson due to construction of the new football stadium.

   The track that they call “home,” at least during meets, is in Cuyahoga Falls. One would be mistaken to believe that this is where the team practices. However, towards the beginning of the season, they practiced at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson a few days of the week. Now they practice mainly at Woodridge High School. Woodridge is roughly nine miles away from the high school and according to, it would take 20 minutes without traffic. According to senior pole vaulter Paul Guzi, this may not seem like a lot, but if you factor in traffic, the rambunctious scene of high-schoolers flooding out the parking lot and the duration of practice itself, practice can be quite time-consuming.

   Adam Green, a sophomore letterer who runs track, says, “Despite practice usually ending at 6 p.m., I rarely get home before 7 p.m. [Usually], I don’t get home before 7:30 p.m.”

   The track team is not alone however, as the Field members practice at Woodridge on Fridays. 

    Sophomore John Brandon, previous letterer and thrower, says, “Fridays are really when I like to kick it with my boys. Now that I have practice so far away I can’t see them until, like, Saturday.”

   Brandon also goes on to say, “Sleep is an endangered animal for track and field kids. With long commutes and long practices, I get home late and before I know it, BAM it’s two in the morning and my math is only halfway done.”

     Now, it appears that no one on either the Track nor Field team is altogether pleased with Hudson’s administration deciding to break ground on March 29, at the beginning of their season. However, it is a necessity and Superintendent Steve Farnsworth says, “If the weather cooperates, the stadium will be complete by the first home football game next fall.”

 Farnsworth assures that the reasoning for the groundbreaking and construction happening when it did was so that it could be finished by football season. The new stadium will cost $5.5 million through public donation. The track team is not being left out of the benefits of a new stadium. 

   Farnsworth says, “The stadium master plan includes a brand new track with a superior surface for running.”

    This track and field season, as successful as it has been, has been quite a hassle for the participating athletes, as many have stated. There is a light at the end of the tunnel that these athletes can look forward to. 


     Farnsworth spoke of the superior track that will be built around the new stadium saying, “The new track facility will be far superior to what we have had in the past.”



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