Sadies and Prom: no correlation

Kaity Carlson & John Planchet

     Every year the infamous Sadie Hawkins dance rolls around, and girls get the chance to ask their prince charming to accompany them. This year, however, Sadie’s was only about five weeks away from Prom, largely affecting the asking process for the upper-classmen.
     As you may have heard, girls seemed to believe that whomever they asked to Sadie’s, would return the favor by asking them to prom. They eventually came to realize that was just wishful thinking. Aside from the couples, we’ve found plenty of guys who have decided to ask someone else to prom.
     While we were interviewing the boys who parted ways with their Sadie’s dates, we found that every single one of them wanted to remain anonymous. No surprise there.
     One senior stated, “I just feel like you should go with whoever you want.” Some boys even went as far to say that they felt, “trapped and pressured,” to ask their Sadie’s date.
One person said that while his Sadie’s date was shopping for a dress, she also bought a prom dress. “That was really forward, and made me realize why she asked me in the first place,” said one of the boys.
     In some instances, the boys had already made plans to ask another girl. “Once I got asked to Sadie’s I knew I was in a very difficult position,” someone said. “Looking back at it, I know I gave the impression that I would end up taking her to prom, and for that I feel awful.”
     Others weren’t as sympathetic. “Oh man I had a blast at Sadie’s… When my date wasn’t around,” stated one of the guys. “I actually don’t feel bad at all that I didn’t ask her to prom. We are completely different people and our personalities don’t work together. I just wish I would have known that before Sadie’s.”
     A few girls also weighed in on the issue. For the most part, we found that the girls wanted to stay off the record, just like the boys. Overall, they were not happy.
     One girl stated that she was entirely led on and given false hope, therefore when she found out that she wasn’t being asked to prom, she was extremely upset.  
     Another girl told us that she had already bought a dress for prom, so she was devastated when she didn’t get asked.
     In all honesty though, buying a dress before securing a date is a little forward. It’s wishful thinking.
     Junior Hannah Alvey, on the other hand, was not ashamed or too embarrassed to have her name published.
     “Yes I had planned on going to prom with my date, but he didn’t end up asking me,” states Alvey. “I’m not mad or anything, it just didn’t end up working out.”
     While Alvey did not end up purchasing a dress, she had been looking through prom dresses and claims she had one mind.
     Ironically, her date ended up asking a friend of hers. “He came into my Spanish class when he asked her, and at first I thought maybe he was asking me,” says Alvey. “But he didn’t, and it was a little bit awkward.”

     The way we see it, the boys aren’t in the wrong. The phenomenon that the boy you take to Sadies will take you to prom, has proven to be false.  


2012-05-17 10:11:39