Football standout chooses Michigan

Michael Castrigano



Why? That is the question everyone has been pondering. Why would an Ohio resident and a lifelong Buckeye fan choose to go to its nemesis Michigan? To junior Ben Gedeon the answer is simple: better academics and a better relationship with the coaches.

     Gedeon is a high school student-athlete who has proven his worth on his respected field of play, but also is a very successful student and holds academics to the highest standards. Of his future college major, Gedeon says, “Business, it’s the field that attracts my attention the most.” Although Gedeon’s top priority is education, he also chose the school for its great football history.


     Gedeon is much more than a body and a mind with special ability on the gridiron; he is a passionate character who has much more appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes of his opportunity than one would expect. 


     “I love my country and I love football,  America’s game. I want my relentless play to reflect those who, day-in and day-out, put their lives on the line to give me this chance,” he said.  

   The Gedeon family has one of those men. Gedeon’s older brother Sam is currently a sophomore at the United States Naval Academy and is training to hopefully become a Navy SEAL. Regarding his “middie” brother, Gedeon said, “I’m really proud of Sammy. He has been a constant role model for me. I’m honored to know my own brother is a part of providing me the opportunity I have to play football at Michigan.”

     Gedeon, being only a junior, is very excited about his senior year. 

     “It’s the last opportunity to represent Hudson and play with my buddies,” commented Gedeon. 

     He looks to lead Hudson to another playoff appearance in his senior year.    

     Gedeon was recruited to play linebacker at Michigan because of his natural ability to run down opponents.


     “Growing up in the backyard with my two older brothers, I always had to work really hard to keep up,” said Gedeon on his seemingly natural ability.      

     After completing his career at Hudson, Gedeon will join the Wolverines. He has stated that the coaches at Michigan have really made him feel like a part of the Wolverine family. At Michigan, Gedeon would like to accomplish a Big 10 championship and improvement as a player, all while receiving a master’s degree in business.



2012-05-17 10:09:45