Attention, ladies: the perfect prom dress awaits

Courtney O'Connor

Courtney O’Connor / The Explorer

Francesca Bankovich, a junior at HHS, takes a moment to pose for a photo in her fit and flare gown before heading to the Cleveland Arcade for dinner and the dance for the Moonlight Masquerade last year.  

“Most importantly I want to feel pretty,” says Lizzy Adams, a senior at HHS, while talking about her opinions for finding a prom dress.

It’s prom season at HHS and most girls would say that prom is a very stressful and exciting time.  Also, most of those girls are thinking about how they are going to find the dress that meets all of their expectations.
“Say Yes to the Dress” is a reality show on the TLC network that captures the dress industry at Kleinfeld.  The employees explain how they always try to make the shopping experience fun with no stress. On the show right now, according to the Kleinfeld website, the most popular dress sold at Kleinfeld and in other dress stores for prom is the fit and flare mermaid.  
Posts from brides and prom goers on say that the fit and flare dress gives you hips, but the asymmetrical style doesn’t make the hips, if you have them, look as full.
Adams said that her prom dress find was random, but suggests that you should start shopping in advance.  
“My dream dress would be an emerald green dress, but I couldn’t find it anywhere,” says Adams.  
She says that her dress for this year’s prom is a light pink fit and flare (the most popular dress sold right now) that she got while on a trip in Boston. 
Most girls going to the prom would say that their date’s opinion matters. Drew Meckert, also a senior at HHS, says that if he had to choose what kind of dress his date would wear, he would want it to look classy with light pastel colors.  
“It would be cool to match her dress with my vest, but it doesn’t really matter,” explains Meckert.  He also adds, “I want her to be comfortable and most importantly have fun in whatever she is wearing.”
There you have it ladies, whether you have the popular fit and flare dress or a full out ball gown, opinions say to be comfortable and have fun!


2012-05-22 07:18:10