Get ready it's Tribe time now!

Allan Hanson

The Cleveland Indians’ Jose Lopez makes contact with ball in an April game against the Oakland Athletics.  Their 2012 season looks promising, and with special deals such as Dollar Dog Night and Student ID Night, the Indians are offering a lot of reasonably-priced summer fun for high school students. 

Used with permission/Susan Tripp Pollard/Contra Costa Times/MCT

The Cleveland Indians, one of the MLB’s most mediocre teams, happens to have some of the most intriguing events, bringing “negative Nancy” out to the ballpark to contribute in the stirring “boos” and “You suck, Grady’s” that rise from the stands.

     First, the Indians are hosting Student ID Night, an evening where students can bring their ID cards and they get their tickets at half pricequite the bargain for your typical, “sporty spice” high schooler.

     When we were young, we all thought fireworks were so amazing, but eventually the Polar Express bell failed to ring and fireworks lost their supernatural effect as well. 

     But the Indians have really outdone themselves with a fireworks show worthy of presentation to high kings around the world.

      Their fantastic show has the young covering their ears and the elderly, despite the most paramount attempts to escape the stadiumjustified by the extreme decibel count, are thrusted into cardiac arrest. It’s quite sad.

     Throughout the summer, the Indians host a mystical phenomenon known as, “Sugardale Dollar Dog Night.” It’s exactly how it sounds; incredible stadium hot dogs are just one single dollar bill.


     Now you ask, how can I partake in these undertakings? Well, it’s simple. You can buy an upper-reserve ticket for $8 and, lest the Yankees or Red Sox are in town, there are copious empty seats on the first level that you can swipe with ease.

     For Dollar Dog Night, however, this is a very premeditated event. You need to fast for 40 days and 40 nights before your endeavor; it makes all the difference.

      Consuming five hot dogs on Dollar Dog Night is almost an empty expense. You can head to Wendy’s and get 25 spicy nuggets for that same price. You really ascertain the deals when you hit the 16-22 range, stuffed so full of random pig assortments that you’re forcefully required to unbutton your trousers, kick back, throw in some seeds and enjoy the game.


2012-05-17 10:05:04