Summer Slaughter is killer

Natalie Pozmann

     “Wear some clothes that you don’t mind getting soaked with hundred of other people’s sweat.”
     This is some precautionary advice provided by concert-going-HHS-junior Stone Szabo regarding the infamous Summer Slaughter Tour.
     The Summer Slaughter Tour is an annual tour featuring today’s most beloved metal bands, and it has been since its birth in 2001.
     Since then, the numbers of featured bands and the cities visited by the tour have grown. One stop on the tour every year is Cleveland. This concert's 2012 tour will stop by Cleveland's House of Blues on Aug. 14. Tickets are on sale starting April 27 and cost about $38. The chance to see many of these bands is rare, and Preparations are a must, and Szabo has some tips to prime concertgoers for both the music and for surviving the extensive day.
     “[I] re-familiarized myself with some music from bands on the tour that I don’t really listen to on a regular basis,” Szabo said.
     He warns like at any concert tour, there are going to be bands that are less enjoyed than others.
     “I didn’t like three of the 10 bands. During their sets I sat on the side of venue with friends and observed the crowd, ate some food and bought shirts.” He added, “Just enjoy yourself, if you don’t like the band playing go explore the venue, talk to other attendees, and look around for some of the band members, as they’re known for mingling with the crowd after their sets are over.” Szabo said a few of his friends had meaningful conversations with band members about how to start a band and how to market the band in the metal community.

     When asked about a memorable moment from the day of 2011’s concert, Szabo said, “When the band Powerglove played the Pokémon theme song and everybody sang along, I thought it was hilarious.” 


2012-05-17 10:05:03