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Logan O'Keefe

 Peru—Peru’s interior and defence ministers have resigned as a result of a failed security operation against the Shining Path rebels, a Maoist terrorist group. 

     Interior Minister Daniel Lozada and Defense Minister Alberto Otarola made the decision to resign after there was a large public outcry about failed operation; there were nine soldiers and police officers were killed in a battle with the rebels. 

     The outrage heightened when the father of one of the dead officers was left to recover his son’s body from the jungle. 


Sudan—UN Human Rights chief has shown his disappointment with Sudan’s bombing of South Sudan which was carried out despite the UN calling for an end to hostilities. Navi Pillay, the chief, said she was “outraged and saddened” by the continued bombings. 

     South Sudan seceded last July as part of a deal to end the years of civil war. But, disputes over oil have brought the war back upon the two countries. 

     The conflicts are causing civilians to be at risk andthere is a growing number of refugees leaving Sudan. 

Olympia, Greece—The flame for the 2012 London Olympic Games has been lit and is ready for the torch relay. 

     Actress Ino Menegaki, playing a high priestess, lit the flame. Every year the torch is lit using mirrors and the sun’s rays. 

     There was a slight panic when the flame went out briefly, but it was quickly relit and passed to the first torchbearer. 

     The flame is flying to Britain on May 18 for the relay around the UK. 


Yemen—An al-Qaeda leader, Fahd al-Quso, has been killed in an air strike. He was connected with the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, an American warship. 

     A tribal leader said that Quso was killed by missiles and his death was later confirmed by al-Qaeda and Yemen’s embassy in the U.S. Government reports indicated that at least one other man died in the strike. 

     Quso was a senior terrorist operative who had escaped capture once before. An unnamed U.S. official welcomed the death. 


BBC/Compiled by Logan O’Keefe


2012-05-17 10:04:15