As we go on we remember Heather Beegle

Alex Bingham

   Senior Heather Beegle works hard in class to prepare herself for further education at Eastern Michigan University in the fall. Along with missing many of her friends, Beegle also reflects on the fond memories she has of managing the hockey team and other school activities.

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Heather Beegle, a senior at Hudson High school, will be graduating at the end of May. She is excited about the months to come while taking the time to reflect on her high school experience, her accomplishments and who and what she will miss about HHS. 


Where are you attending college in the fall?

     Eastern Michigan University.



What do you look forward to when attending college?

     I don’t know anyone going there, it’s far away and it’s college! Who’s not excited for college? I also plan to join a sorority, and I’m excited about that. 


What is your major going to be?

     Communication technology. It’s basically advertising but on the computer. Hopefully I’m going to make brochures or edit pictures.


What activities have you been involved in at HHS?

     I was in Key Club my freshman and sophomore year. I have been in Sewing Club the last two years, and became vice president of Sewing Club my junior year. I am also a part of the yearbook committee. And junior and senior year I was the hockey team co-manager.


What did you enjoy about managing the hockey team?

     Well, I love to watch hockey, and I did it with my best friend, Casey [McHenry]. We basically got to go to every hockey game for free. We also filled water bottles, stacked pucks and carried the team’s speakers. It was a lot of fun.


What are you going to miss about HHS?

      All of my friends because we’re all going to different colleges. I’m going to miss being a senior; now I have to start over as a freshman and meet new people all over again. I’m going to miss the school dances. I would miss the school cookies if they were still good.



Who are you going to miss when you leave for college?

     Becket Thompson because she is one of my best friends, and she is always so sparkly. She has a fun personality and is always doing something weird. It is going to be weird not spending every day with her.


What are you excited about in the next couple months?

      I’m excited about my birthday, graduation and spending the last summer with my friends before we all have to leave. We’re going to be going to tons of concerts at Blossom, and I can’t wait for all of those. I’m obviously excited for prom; this will be my first prom. I’m also really excited to get to know my future roommate better, I love her!


If you could redo high school, what would you do differently?

     I would have tried harder academically my freshman and sophomore year. I think for the most part my high school experience was pretty good.


Who is your favorite HHS teacher, and why?

     Mr.[Jim] Roetzel because he teaches photo, which is my favorite class and he makes it fun. His sarcasm and jokes make the class interesting. He is a good teacher and has made me a better photographer, I would like to think.


What advice would you give students about their senior year?

     Make sure you try to meet all the people in your grade because there are so many and you leave in the next year and never see them again. Don’t stress about college starting in the fall because so many things will change. Also, be who you are because so many people try to change. Just be real, you know?


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