North Korea’s satellite launch fails, sends threats to US

Andrew Mendosa

 Pyongyang, North Korea : On April 13 North Korea unsuccessfully launched a satellite rocket known as Unha-3. The launch of the supposed satellite corresponds with the 100th Anniversary of North Korea’s late dictator Kim Il-sung. Shortly after lift-off, the rocket crashed into the waters of the Korean Penninsula. 

Many nations including the United States and United Nations condemned and publicly stated that the launch of the satellite is a cover for the test of intercontinental ballistic missiles, or ICBM’s. Whether or not that is true, the launch and subsequent statements made by the North Korean government have raised tensions in the Korean peninsula. 

After the launch and failure of the rocket, North Korea verbally lashed out against South Korea and the US. On April 23 the North Korean Army vowed to turn Seoul, capitol, of South Korea, “will reduce all….to ashes in three or four minutes…by unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style.” 

Furthermore, on April 25 a senior North Korean army official stated, “The Korean People’s Army is armed with powerful modern weapons…that can defeat the [US] imperialists at a single blow,’.

Along with the missile launch, Kim Jong-Un unveiled a new statue of his late father Kim Jong-il who died of a suspected heart attack last December.

I recently sat down with Junior Class President Nominee Peyton Brown to get his take on the situation.  When asked on his knowledge of the subject Brown responded with “Kim Jong-Un thought that he was going to be all cool and impress his western enemies… I know the rocket crashed somewhere in the Yellow Sea”

Brown further stated,  “I think it shows how technologically behind the North Koreans really are…and believe it is a large metaphor of what their way of life is like over there…it shows that North Korea is hostile and it shows that they are willing to send up missiles, whether or not they work or not.”

When asked if he believed the satellite’s were a cover for ICBM’s he retorted “I don’t know enough knowledge on the subject so I couldn’t say.”

China later met with senior members of the North Korean government to discuss their alliance. The Chinese affirmed their strong ties with North Koreans and tried to calm the high tensions between North Korea and the UN. 

No one knows how the     situation will unfold with the Koreans teeter-totter attitude towards  foreign policy. 





2012-05-17 10:03:12