Boy bands: back or 'Bye Bye Bye' ?

Alexis McIntosh

Many teens can never say “bye, bye, bye” to boy bands. It has been nearly 10  to 20 years since boy bands like the Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and ‘N Sync have dominated the charts. Are they back, are you glad they came?

      Boy bands have been around for ages with the Beatles and the Monkees sweeping  the ‘60s and  ‘70s, New Kids on the Block in the late ‘80s and Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync becoming a phenomenon in the ‘90s.
     The Backstreet Boys first started in 1994, but did not become popular until 1996. Their success lasted until 1999.  ‘N Sync became known in 1995 and lasted into the early 21st  century when its band members spilt up and pursued other interests. ‘N Sync along with Backstreet Boys had been one of the last big boy bands to rock the charts.    
    According to New.Music.Live, “Boy bands are back! One Direction, The Wanted and a ton of other cutie pies are making girls go wild with their music.”  
    According to New. Music. Live,  most boys’ bands consist of five male vocalists and musicians. There is the heart throb, the rebel, the boy next door, the older brother and the shy one.
    The heart throb is the face of the band. He has the most charm and personality of the group. 
   Second, there is the rebel or the bad boy: ripped jeans, leather jacket and gang-like. He’s the one most likely to have a tattoo and is late for most practices and gigs.
   Third is the boy next door, “the foil to the band,” according to tvtropes, or better known as the second heart throb.
   Next is the older brother, relaxed and easy-going, a  figure most girls can relate to. Some band members may even look up to him for advice because he is more experienced.
   Lastly, the shy one is very nerdy; many wonder why he’s even in the band.
      All of these characters and images are what make boy bands what they are. According to the website, “Among this ‘diversity’ of characters, a young girl safely gets a panel of boys to crush on. Boy bands teach a young girl how to crush. The members of the band are safe, sincere, talented... and effeminate.”
     A current boy band with hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” is One Direction. One Direction got their start in the UK. But readers may not know that before  they were a band, each member was a solo singer. All five guys tried out for the show “ X-Factor” (UK version) and failed to move out of the first round. They were later brought back by judge Simon Cowell to perform as a band. After that, they moved on and finished third in the competition.
     With this, teens can be captivated by their looks and the heart-felt lyrics.  One teen that has been captivated by boy bands is sophomore Autumn Stanonik, who says, “ Boy bands are back, and are here to stay.”  She says One Direction is her favorite band  “because they have the hottest Irish person ever, Niall Horan!”
     Other bands that have recently  hit the charts are The Wanted and Mindless Behavior.
     Besides soaking up the sun in the U.S., they have rocked the charts all across the globe with One Direction hitting Europe and other bands like Big Bang hitting Asia.
    Sophomore Natalie Pozmann says her favorite boy band is “Big Bang.” They have taken over the music industry in Asia. Pozman adds, “If you think boy bands are big here, check out the boy bands in   Asia.”


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