HIt me with your best shot

Logan O'Keefe

      As I sat down at my computer to write this senior editorial, I won’t lie and say that I couldn’t come up with the words to express my feelings over the past four years. I’ve had my ups and downs—more downs than ups—but I didn’t want to sit here and leave with a negative attitude. 

     It’s true that I am more than ready to go out into the real world, but I will miss Hudson, contrary to what some of you may think. Maybe I won’t miss some of the social aspects, but I will miss my friends, family and other people with whom I’ve grown close over the years. 

     So how do I write down all those feelings and still provide insight for future seniors? Well, why not write a poem. 

     For Christmas I decided to make my mom a scrapbook of my 18 years and I finished it with a poem I wrote about leaving for college. When I read it the other day I realized that not only does it work for my mom’s scrapbook, but it provides helpful insight as well into the minds of college-bound seniors, because we are scared about the “big, bad world” but we are also ready to face it head on. 

I’ll Never Forget You

Society has come up with the idea that at 18 years of age, our children need to go out and experience the world. 

So, we freshly graduated seniors head off to our universities of choice and prepare for a new chapter;

A new chapter in a life that is just beginning

And will hopefully turn out to be a pretty exciting novel by the end. 

We are excited and ready for our new lives to start.

Living and surviving on our own, without the guiding voices of the ones who love us.

We’ll make mistakes

We’ll fall on our faces

We’ll get scraped up


We’ll pick ourselves up and try again.

Yet, some say we forget what we leave behind:

A room that has served as our nest to grow up in, A bed that kept us safe from monsters and ghosts threatening to creep out at night,

Friends who were with us at our best and worst times, and who made us laugh;

Family who were a little crazy, but stood by us no matter what.

And parents who will love us until the end.

Be we don’t forget. 

We’ll miss it all.

The comfort and joy of coming home and napping on the couch,

With the smell of dinner coming from the kitchen.

We’ll miss this safe and comfortable life that our parents have worked so hard to provide.

We say that we are ready and don’t want to look back,

But inside,

We’re a little scared.

A little scared that we won’t make it in the real world,

Scared that it will chew us up and spit us right out again.

But, we’re fearless and ready to face whatever is next for us in our destiny.

And we will not forget.

We will cry, and hug each other when we say our last goodbyes to the people who love us.

For me;

A dad who has treated me like a princess my whole life and strived to give me everything,

And a mother who has made me into the woman I am today and without whom I would never be able to face this next chapter in my life,

A mother who is my reason for living.

We’ll never forget you: you who have loved us so dearly.

We will miss you.

But we have to fly when our wings are ready.

And now, we’re ready.

So it’s time to let us fly. 


2012-05-17 10:02:28