Top 20 things to do at prom

 20. Back-to-front dancing

19. Throw people

18. Light people on fire

17. Spike the punch bowl

16. Hook up in the IMAX theater

15. Dance on the tables

14. Bury people

13. Crowd surf

12. Play “musical limos” and/or do a Chinese fire drill at a red light

11. Get in a bar fight

10. Break dance

9. Jump off of the roof 

8. Skinny dip in Lake Erie

7. Mess with the exhibits at the science center

6. Ask underclassmen to prom...oh wait, too late

5. Scream YOLO, MOFO!

4. Get kicked out for “inappropriate dancing”

3. Wear scandalous dresses

2. Cry in the bathroom

1. Eat the food


2012-05-17 10:01:34