Shooting here, shooting there

Catie Peterson

A bicycle rider passes two Los Angeles Police Department cars parked near the area of a recent shooting that left two Chinese students dead near the University of Southern California campus. USC and the LAPD announced sweeping new security measures April 26, including the addition of 30 police officers to the area surrounding the campus. 
Used with permission / Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times/MCT

    Three dead in shooting at Chardon High School…Three dead in shooting at Cracker Barrel in Medina…Gunman kills seven in shooting at Christian University in Oakland, Calif.
    It seems like every week we hear about a shooting or some form of gun violence in the world. 
     When I turn on the news, I always hear about some sort of gun violence happening in the world. For example, the February 2010 Huntsville, Ala. shooting: “Woman shoots colleagues after being denied tenure,” or the March 2012 Ohio State shooting, “Man shoots two employees and wounds another after receiving an ‘unsatisfactory’ job evaluation.”
    Is this what the world has come to? 
     When something goes “terribly wrong” in someone’s life, it seems like the next step is to pull out a gun and go pop some lead.
      I know that the economy isn’t great and people get stressed over money, work and family, but that is no reason to shoot someone. 
   But the surprising thing is, the actual number of deaths from firearms have decreased in the past couple of years. 
     According to the Bureau of Justice, in 1993, there were just under 14,000 homicides by firearms, but in 2010, 17 years later, there were more than 8,775 deaths by firearms, which leads me to think that the news has started to cover these deaths more. 
   Over the past couple of years, as I have started to pay more attention to the news and become more aware of what is going on in the world, I have noticed (especially this year) that I hear more and more about shootings, whether at a school, a restaurant or workplace. 
     So, maybe the news is just covering these crimes more. But, maybe it’s not the news...Maybe there have been fewer gun-crimes but just higher-profile cases? After all, shootings happen every day, whether it’s in downtown Los Angeles or Washington, D.C., the city with the most homicides by firearms, surprisingly. 
     Shouldn’t our nation’s capital be the safest city? But that’s another topic for another day. These shootings could be due to race, ethnicity or gangs. According to the Legal Community Against Violence, “Thirty-three gun homicides [are] committed each day.” 
     After all, it’s not every day that you hear about almost a whole family in Medina, Ohio being killed by their father in a Cracker Barrel. But, whatever the case, shooting someone is not the answer. 
     Although life throws a ton of challenges at you, killing someone to fix your problems is never, ever the answer.


2012-05-23 12:20:23