Four years flew by

Shannon Olander& Jimmy Feeman

      At the risk of sounding cliché, we could say that four years go by fast. It feels like just yesterday we were freshman and had no clue where our second period class was. If either of us had to recall every moment and every story, it’d take quite a while, reminding us how much happened and how far we’ve come. Okay, maybe we haven’t come that far, we’re still dumb teen-agers— albeit less awkward—but our school sure has changed.

     It’s as though hanging that new banner labeling HHS as a blue-ribbon school was the point of no return. Remember freshman year, seniors? You didn’t have to be breathalyzed upon entering a dance or be monitored by Big Brother on the dance floor. Nor did hall monitors act like prison guards. Our cookies didn’t taste like dirt and instead of our new bistro, we sat on the floor by the windows, but hey, we loved it. And, yes, HHS was at one time a heated building.


     From drug searches to new principals, and terrible cookies to Explorer Periods, we can only imagine what the next bright idea is that our schools administration will have.

     This year, we also have the “Explorer Reports” after announcements, which everyone looks forward to every Friday. When Cooper Goeke gets his own TV show, I’m sure we’ll all be dedicated viewers. And even better, you can watch him on Youtube on your iPhone because everyone has one now!

     Never again will teachers have the last word because anything they say, students can just look it up on the iPhones.

     And another thing to be upset about: no field trips! That means Physics can’t go to Cedar Point, Bach to Rock can’t go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and AP Environmental can’t go to the Sewage and Water Treatment plant (not that we’re that upset about that one).


     What’s up the lock down drills, window stickers and new emergency procedures? We’re pretty sure the school is no more dangerous than it used to be. Let’s just practice locking all of us inside of the one place we would rather not be. Speaking of stickers, why must you sticker our cars like they’re graded papers.? We’re seniors. How is it possible to park in the wrong place?


     Do we really have to come in and waste our time watching movies during exam periods for AP classes? Does that AP movie watching make us a better school? We don’t think so, but since it doesn’t affect us, we give up.

     We can’t even haze the freshmen anymore either. Talk about a major buzz-kill.

     What’s left of our cool school? Now it’s just a shadow of its former self. But it’s not all bad. Some things have changed for the better and the school hasn’t completely gone off the deep end (for now).

     Take for instance, Explorer Period: it was kind-of annoying at first, but after getting used to it, the free time is nice for a quick trip to Chipotle.

     We’re more environmentally friendly nowadays too! Although it’s due to the fact we neglect to heat the building, it’s still technically a plus.


2012-05-17 09:58:49