Camp twins fill HHS with double the excitement

Shannon Hoy

Left, Halle and Margo Camp as young toddlers. Right, a recent photo of the Camp twins as they pose together. Halle is on the left and Margo is on the right in both photos. 

Used with permission/Halle and Margo Camp

Twins, triplets, quadruplets and even quintuplets live in the small town of Hudson. But 16-year-old sophomore twins Halle and Margo Camp are completely different from what you would expect of teen-age twin girls. These two add some fun to the festive mix of students at Hudson High. 


How would you describe yourself?

Margo: I would describe myself as athletic, easy going, fun to be around and outgoing. 

Halle: I am a very out going girly girl who is very caring. I have a huge personality and am not shy at all. I can be very sarcastic at times, but you have to know me to know that I am just joking around. 

How would you describe your twin?

M: Pretty, funny and outgoing. 

H: Margo is a very athletic kind of girl. She loves sports, and certainly knows much more about sports than I do! Margo is also very outgoing and kind to others. She is also extremely funny. 

Do you enjoy high school so far? Why?

M: Yes, it is a very exciting experience. 

H: I do enjoy high school very much. It is such a blast and even though I am only still a sophomore, I still feel like it’s flying by. 

Do you belong to any sports of clubs at HHS?

M: Yes, I play on the soccer and basketball teams. I have been playing both of these sports since I was 5 or 6 years old. 

H: Yes, I play volleyball for the Hudson High School team and have played for the last two years. 

What are some of your favorite movies?

M: My favorite movies are “Stepbrothers” and “Bridesmaids.” 

H: “The Notebook” is my all-time favorite movie. I also love “Dear John”, and I am also a big fan of  “Titanic.”

What bands do you listen to?

M: I listen to Ben Rector, Mat Kearney and anything country. I love country music!

H: I love country music, and Sugarland is my favorite. 

Do you have any fun or interesting facts about yourself?

M: Yes! My own sister, Halle, doesn’t let me follow her on Twitter! #twinning #NOT.

H: Yes! I have a broken nose and have had it for a while, but don’t know exactly how it broke! 

Is there anything you hate that Halle/ Margo loves, or you love that Halle/ Margo hates?

M: I absolutely hate tubing behind a boat, it’s so scary!

H: One thing I love that Margo hates is I love to paint my nails and get them done in a salon. 

Do you have any pet peeves?

M: I have two huge pet peeves! One is when people try to talk to me while I have my headphones in, like really? It drives me crazy! Two is that I hate when people walk slowly in the hallway. I’m tall, and I have long legs. I will run you over!

H: When someone takes something of mine and doesn’t put it back is a huge pet peeve of mine. Another pet peeve would be when people walk way to slow in the halls; I have super long legs, so there for I take big strides. I’m a fast walker! 

If you could spend a day with one person, dead or alive, with whom would you spend it?

M: I would spend my day with Hope Solo [soccer player]. Basically she is just awesome.

H: If there were one person I could spend a day with, it would probably be Whitney Houston. I loved Whitney Houston, and her voice was amazing. I think it would be fun to spend a day with her. 

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you?

M: I would bring food, my dog and my cell phone.

H: I would bring my phone because I cannot live with out it. I would also bring my dog, Abby, because she is my best friend. Another thing I would bring is key lime popsicles because those are absolutely delicious! 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Why?

M: Atlanta. I don’t know why, I just love it for no reason. If I didn’t live in Atlanta, I would like to live anywhere on the West Coast with my family. 

H: I have always wanted to live in New York City. NYC is my favorite place in the world!

Who is your idol, and why is this person your idol?

M: I don’t really have an idol. I have a lot of people I look up to as role models, but that’s it.  

H: I would have to say my mom is my idol. She is such an amazing mom, and I could never live without her. Knowing that I can always look up to her is one of the greatest things. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

M: I see myself living with my husband on the beach with two kids. 

H: Oh my, in 10 years I will be 26 and most likely out of college. I cannot wait to get married and have kids of my own. I love children and my biggest dream is to be a mother and have my own family. I also see myself living in New York City with my family, of course, and being an interior designer. 

What are some positives to being a twin?

M: Halle is basically my best friend, whether she knows it or not. She is always there for me. 

H: I would have to say just knowing that you will have a best friend for life. 

What are some negatives to being a twin?

M: I’m always with her, and that can get annoying. I also am always getting compared to her, which I hate. 

H: I don’t like being compared to Margo because if you know us, we are clearly two different people even though we are identical, we both have extremely different personalities. Also having to share clothes would be a big negative to me because Margo just thinks it’s okay to wear anything of mine whenever she wants! 


If you could change being a twin, would you?

M: At some points I would. But most of the time I like it, and it’s not a problem.

H: I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I wasn’t a twin. But I would definitely never change it. 



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