Goodbye Hudson High, hello world

Kaity Carlson

      Here we are. Freshman year we walked through the doors of Hudson High School, blinked; and well, here we are. I’m not sure where the time went, or how it seemed to whiz by so quickly. I’m not sure what’s in store for the future or how I’ll handle being away from home. But I do know that the time has come to say goodbye. 

     Goodbye HHS. There are so many things about you that I won’t ever forget. Goodbye Mr. Carmichael. Goodbye other teachers that made a huge impact on my life; goodbye substitutes that didn’t. You’ve made an impeccable impression on me, HHS, and I will always remember you. Goodbye beautiful art murals in the hallways. Goodbye scary-loud hand dryers in the bathrooms. I’ve spent four great years inside your walls and it’s still hard to believe that our time together is over.

     Goodbye fellow cheerleaders, goodbye pom-poms. Goodbye football sidelines. I hope I never see you again, celebratory touchdown push-ups; you were brutal. Goodbye Lavelli Field. Please know that even though you’re being replaced by a bigger and better stadium, you will always be remembered as our true home turf. Goodbye Bug-a-loo. Goodbye ‘Rock Steady.’ Even though this is the end, I know that Hudson will always be ready. 

     Goodbye friends, goodbye foes. Goodbye to everyone I didn’t know. We’ve been together since Kindergarten, mixing and mingling throughout the years. The high school hour glass is nearly empty; and turning it upside-down isn’t an option. Goodbye high school relationships, goodbye high school drama. Between the two of you, my experience has been similar to the Top Thrill Dragster. But that’s not a bad thing, I dare you to try and find me someone who doesn’t love that ride. 

     Goodbye bed, goodbye night light. Goodbye glorious walk-in closet. You’ve taken care of my most prized possessions, and for that I will forever be grateful.  It was nice to know you window, you were always able to help me out…of the house. Goodbye “Kaitlyn’s Room” door sign, goodbye decorated walls. No matter how many other rooms I live in, none will compare to you. I’ll miss you every single day I’m gone, and it already pains me to say goodbye bedroom.

     Goodbye laundry being done for me, goodbye dinner being made. Goodbye occasional family game nights. The amount of things I’m going to miss at home is endless, and the list is still growing. Goodbye Jeep, goodbye car keys. Goodbye having to fill up a V8 engine tank. Goodbye kittens, goodbye dogs. You may not get as much attention after I leave, but I’ll think about you every day. Goodbye Mom, goodbye Dad. I’m sorry to leave you alone with “him,” but before you know it, he’ll be gone too. Goodbye little brother, and good luck with your next three years. 

     It’s the strangest feeling in the world to know that everything is about to change. Our worlds are going to be turned inside out and flipped upside down. It may sound like I’m not ready to go or I don’t want to leave, but I’m just as excited as the next person. Not that it won’t be tough, I’m just ready to start saying hello.

     Hello University of Cincinnati. Hello new roommates. Hello teeny tiny dorm rooms, community bathrooms, and cold, hard tiled flooring. Hello again math classes; I can’t really say I’ve missed you. Hello 43,000 new people. Hello opportunities. Hello change. Hello college. Hello world. 


2012-05-17 09:58:00