Spectrum HHS Band of the Month

Olivia Marrali

Used With Permission/ Spectrum 
Spectrum, the three-man band, is taking students of Hudson High School and Kent State University by storm. Formed in August of 2011, the band encompasses a whole spectrum of musical genres and sounds. 
All members of the band have been playing music for many years. The guitarist, junior Rob Kokchak has been playing for about four years. Both the drummer, sophomore Alex Bauknecht and lead vocals and bass player, Kent State student Levan (Leonard) Mdzinarishvili have been playing since a very young age. They have combined their talents to create something they all love. 
Spectrum is inspired by all sorts of different genres of music, but the main one is progressive rock. The band has strong influences from bands such as Rush, Dream Theater and Led Zeppelin. They are also influenced strongly by funk and jazz.     
“We could compare ourselves to any of the infamous power rock trios, but Rush and Zeppelin probably stick out the most,” says Kokchak. 
Spectrum plays about one show a month at   Vortex Concert Club in Akron. They have also been known to play surprise free shows at local venues in the Hudson and Kent areas.
Although they are not currently signed to a recording label, Spectrum is always writing new material. They hope one day to venture out of the surrounding areas and play somewhere larger, like Cleveland. They want to gain a larger fan base and hopefully continue on in their musical paths. 
To hear some of Spectrum’s music, visit their page on Reverbnation at www.reverbnatio  n.com/spectrummusic3. You can also check them out at their next show at the Vortex in Akron sometime mid-May
In case you are feeling like joining in on the fun, Spectrum is currently in search for a frontman (preferably male) to join the band. They are looking for someone who can sing high intensity rock vocals. To find out more about this great opportunity or to audition, email  sp3ctrummusic55@gmail.com, message them at facebook.com/OfficialSpectrum or talk to any of the band members at school.
Above: Spectrum jams out at the Vortex Music club in Akron for the locals. (Left: Rob Kokchak, Alex Bauknecht and Leonard Mdzinarishvili).
Below:  A close up of the bands drum set.       


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