What's best to listen to your beat?

Allan Hanson

      As technology advances and more incredible music of all different genres hit the scene, it’s only justified that the headphone companies would be coming out with quality headphones to fit every different music connoisseur’s needs. 

      At this point, there are four brands that stand out as main competitors in the way you hear your music: Bose, Sony, Beats by Dre and Skull Candy. All provide over-ear and in-ear styles.

     Bose headphones are second on the list when it comes to price. You pay $150 for their cheapest over-ear headphone; however, Bose also carries a quality ear-bud that is priced around $100.

     Alex Bellin, a senior, owns a set of the buds and says, “The new ear pieces have drastically increased comfort, good bass and sometimes thin highs.”

     Senior Phil Moore, a Bose over-ear owner, comments, “I didn’t feel like a Beats guy; I felt like I needed to be some crazy athlete or hoodlum or something.The Bose are so balto (good), it’s just a fact. Everything else is borris (bad) in comparison.” 

     Sony headphones are the makers of your standard Apple iPod headphones, which are infamous for breaking, but also have a line of quality over-ear headphones that cost $40. 

     According to senior Jonny Vince, Sony headphones “have smooth bass, nothing overpowering. You definitely get a lot out of the price.”

     Skull Candy is new onto the scene with an ear-bud that is nothing to envy; but they’re over-ear line has a contemporary feel, sporting different patterns, sports teams and just about everything imaginable.

     Zach “Tebow” Thibault, a sophomore, swears by Skull Candy saying, “They’re easy to replace if they break. I have a $20 pair right now, and they do me just fine.”

     Skull Candy headphones are affordable, easy to find and look awesome on the listener. Thibault concluded, “Anyone who isn’t ready for a long-term commitment, Skull Candy might be your brand.”

     Beats by Dre are a recent phenomenon. Created by DJ and rap artist Dr. Dre, they have a sleek style, coming in many different colors and they provide very good quality.   

kkkHowever, Beats take the cake at the price party, going anywhere from your Solos at $225 to the Pro Detox, which break the bank at $550.

     Matt Reed, senior, says it’s well worth the price. “They give songs studio quality and enhance every sound on a track,” says Reed.  

     Beats are prided on the noise cancelling ability, as are Bose, but the Beats offer a deep bass while maintaining the rendering of every sound on the song.


     Buying headphones can be tough; choosing the right ones can be as difficult as surviving The Hunger Games. Some headphones sound better to some, where others may just be after a certain style. Either way, there is a vast array of options to pick from, and it would be hard to go wrong with any of these brands.


2012-04-19 10:42:20