Gas prices reaching to infinity beyond

Mark Dohner & Eric Rosenthal

 credit: Nicole Harris

Cutline: BP’s gas prices were sitting around 25 cents more expensive than Marathon in Sto-Hudson, whose regualar prices are $3.59, as of press time. While the Marathon across from Marino’s is typically the same price as the BP across from Yours Truly, the 

Marathon on Route 91 heading towards Stow is often the best bet for gas in the Hudson area, beating out the slightly closer competition.


With the rise of gas prices around the country, many people are experiencing increased frustration and decreased money when filling up at the pump. If there wasn’t a hole in your pocket already from the struggling economy, feeding your vehicle will indeed burn a hole in your pocket. 


It’s tough to identify one cause for the ever-inflating oil prices, but the social unrest brought about by Arab Spring is an easy target.  Major oil producing nations like Libya and Syria have been in economic disarray, and that includes their oil industries.  Drills aren’t drilling and refineries aren’t refining in these countries, where civil unrest and martial law is continuing to disrupt international trade and major business, even a year after the major flashes of revolution have died down.


There is a plethora of long-term options to cut oil dependence, but the immediate reality is that the U.S.’s suppliers are in civil wars and gas prices are going up as a direct result; simple supply and demand economics is working to rob teenagers of their parents’ hard earned gas money.

Luckily, “The Explorer” is here to help with some tips for saving while filling up. 


According  to, keep tires inflated to the suggested PSI. By keeping your tires inflated you can increase your fuel economy by an average of one mile per gallon.

Another gas saver is driving at a consistent speed. Frequently speeding up and slowing down can decrease fuel economy by up to two miles per gallon. 


With the hotter seasons peeking around the corner, many people will find themselves cranking up the air conditioning for relief. As appealing as that may be, cranking up the breeze can knock mileage down by another two miles per gallon. Rolling the windows down isn’t really preferable though, as the increase in drag makes sweating the most economical optinon.


Around press time, gas prices around the Hudson area have ranged from $3.59 up to $3.98. With prices so high at some stations, it is worth shopping around and driving a few extra miles to save big at the pump.


Marathon has proved to be one of the cheapest stations in the area. With locations in Stow-Hudson, Hudson and Twinsburg, Marathon is available for users on all sides of town. 


However, gas prices fluctuate every day depending on the time, place and alignment of the planets, so it is important to find the cheapest prices around.

How can you do this without wasting gas driving around?

If you own a smart phone or know someone who does, it is worth downloading the free “GasBuddy” application. This app uses GPS to locate exactly where you are and can give data on the cheapest gas stations nearest you. 


When in doubt though, hit up the American-owned Marathon on the way to Stow. Your wallet will appreciate the patriotism.


2012-04-27 15:00:23