No iPhone? No apps. Unless you happen to own a Droid, Blackberry or other Apple product

Mark Dohner

      What would life be like without mobile applications? For the answer to that question, ask your parents or grandparents.

     With more than 500,000 apps to choose from via Apple products or other smart phones, it is nearly impossible to find something that does not have an app.

     If you need directions, there’s an app for that. Want to read, watch a movie, or listen to music? There are apps for that. We are given a wide variety of apps thanks to the founders of Apple and Android, but there are a select few that are useful and “hot” in 2012.

      We have become a generation that cannot live without social networking sites and games and apps. Simply, we cannot live without our phones. And, with the help of apps, our everyday life is much easier. 

     Let’s take a look at some of the most useful apps, whether they are convenient to have or fun to play.


School related:

     “My favorite app for my iPad is either Microsoft Quick Office or Bamboo Paper. I use those quite frequently for taking notes and editing papers without having to go on the computer,” said Hudson High School senior Charlie Tolbert. 

     These two apps are not well known but Bamboo Paper offers an efficient way of note taking while saving paper, and Microsoft Office proves to be very convenient for writing papers on the fly.



     “Draw Something” has become a hot new game on the market. This Pictionary type game allows friends to show off their drawing skills, or lack thereof,  in a back and forth attempt to guess each other’s drawings.

     The hottest game of the year has been “Temple Run.” Although its popularity is withering away, it has left a mark on smart phone users. This game is very addictive and test its users reaction time immensely. 

     “Scramble With Friends,” “Words With Friends” and “Hanging With Friends” have given friends and families the chance to connect with one another through competitive childhood games. These games have become a phenomenon that test our vocabulary through Boggle, Scrabble and Hangman.


Social Networking:

    It all started with the release of Facebook. Then came Twitter. Now, there are several social networks that give people of all ages something to do in their free time, or all of the time.

     One of the hottest new social networking apps has become “Instagram.” This app allows people to post pictures and give them an “artsy” appearance. It is very creative and has drawn in a lot of people with more smart phone users joining every day.

     “Pinterest” has blown up in recent time. Many are not familiar with this app, but ladies love it. “Pinterest” is more in the female based market that gives users the opportunity to post anything that interests them onto a digital bulletin board. Viewers can get ideas or look at these posts for their enjoyment.


Other useful apps:

     Some other very useful apps on the market right now are “The Weather Channel,” “Kindle,” “Skype,” “Pandora Radio,” any banking apps, “Scorecenter,” “GasBuddy” and so on. 

     “Skype” is very handy for video chatting with relatives and friends who live in another state or country. Everyone wants to see who they are talking to, so this app is a life changer.

     For the sports nuts out there, “Scorecenter” is essential to keep up to date with scores and records. This app allows you to set up scores from any professional or college sport and receive updates to follow your favorite teams. 

     With the summer months approaching and the gas prices rising, the “GasBuddy” app is very convenient to cutting costs at the pump. The app uses GPS to locate the cheapest and nearest gas stations to your location. 

     Bryan Cozean, a former HHS Student and current St. Ignatius High School Student, says, “GasBuddy is my favorite app because I have to drive to Cleveland everyday and with this I can save some money by choosing the right station.” 


     Apps are taking over the world, so be a part of the phenomenon and get acquainted with a smart phone or handheld computer that offers these options.     


2012-04-19 10:28:03