World News

Logan O'Keefe

 BBC/Compiled by Logan O’Keefe

North Korea— Sources have confirmed that that the country had a failed rocket launch on April 13. The rocket was meant to land close to Australia and put a satellite into orbit. However, many other countries saw the launch as an illegal test of long-range missiles. The rocket disintegrated after a minute or two, falling into the ocean just west of Seoul, South Korea. 

     The UN is deploring the actions of North Korea. Current Security Council chair Susan Rice said that the launch broke UNSC resolutions. The UN is looking to impose sanctions on the country. 


Japan— Two of Japan’s nuclear reactors are being declared safe and are going to be restarted in order to fix power shortages. The reactors that are going to be turned back on are located at the Ohi nuclear plant. Since the March 2011 tsunami that caused the nuclear meltdown at the Fukashima plant, residents have urged the government not to turn any reactors on. So, Japan has increased its fossil fuel imports, but the government is running stress tests on all of its nuclear plants in order to make sure that when the reactors are on, they will work. 


England— A 4-year-old girl named Heidi Hankins from Hampshire was recently accepted into Mensa with an IQ of 159. Both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have an IQ of 160, only one point above Hankins’. When she was just 2 years old she taught herself to read and count to 40. According to Mensa, the average adult IQ is only 100. Hankins’ parents have identified that she shows great potential for the future. 


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