Seriously? World, what is going on?

Logan O'Keefe

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A Twitter member displays his/her shock at the fact that the sinking of the Titanic was a historic event. There were several other members who Tweeted similar thoughts causing a media frenzy that called the credibility of the American public education system into question. 

I’m sure that you probably all know that the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic took place on April 14/15. We’ve studied the disaster in school, right? Plus we’ve all seen the movie and promised that we won’t let go of Jack. So, it was surprising to me when I learned that there are many Tweeters who had no idea that the Titanic was real. Wait, what?!

Now, personally, I’m not the biggest fan of history, I’m more of a science person. But I don’t understand how people don’t know about the Titanic, even if they have never taken a history course. The story has been dramatized and tweaked since it began. 

For some odd reason, I’ve always been fascinated with the Titanic. I’ve been to museums, read books and watched documentaries—I know, I’m a nerd. However, I naturally assumed that everyone else had studied the Titanic as much as I had. Bad mistake. My question is, have schools stopped teaching about one of the most poignant points in history? 

So, the true question is whether or not this is the beginning of a human race with a lower IQ or a failure of our public education system. 

It feels odd, but I would much rather it be the fault of the school systems than the fault of Americans. That means that we aren’t truly as daft as we seem to be. 

The fact of the matter is that, either way, people need to step up their game and use some common sense. While I’m not entirely happy that there are those who aren’t aware of major events in history, I’m not going to go on a witch hunt. 

Word of advice to any Tweeters out there: if you don’t know something, Google it first before you Tweet it. If it’s something you should have known, don’t Tweet it.


2012-04-19 10:21:54