Post Secrets

Eric Rosenthal

 Eric Rosenthal/The Explorer

Lauren Havel/The Explorer

Posted Secrets are some of Hudson High’s best-kept secrets, a window through the veneer of 1950s perfection into the reality of a building full of normal, troubled teen-agers.


Positioned above the senior courtyard and across from Room A218, the Posted Secrets board is a collage of anonymous student confessions made public, a mélange of art and poetry.


Graduate Kendall Mahon, co-creator with graduate Jenny Gamertsfelder  of the Post Secret board at Hudson, elaborates on the content of the secrets people post. “There are some that make me giggle—like learning about people who are afraid to pass gas in public. Then, there are really serious secrets- ones that deal with coming out, death, suicide and depression,” Mahon says. Such is the beauty of Post Secrets—anonymity serves as a vehicle for a variety of confessions.


The project began in much the same way as the plethora of murals adorning HHS’s halls did: “The Post Secret mural was our senior Art 4 project in Billie Moore’s class,” Mahon explains.


The initial hurdle to conquer was how to collect the secrets themselves. “So, Jenny [Gamertsfelder] and I debated several ways of actually collecting the post cards. We considered actually having people send them to our houses, or even buying a postal box. However, we felt our response might be limited if people needed to spend money on the stamp. We ended up turning an empty coffee can into a receptacle, which we placed outside the art room. We cut a hole for secrets to enter through the top,” Mahon explains. There was certainly no shortage of secrets provided, evidenced by even a brief glance at the Post Secret board.


The goal of the board was to allow intimate secrets to be shared in a novel way. As Mahon puts it, “To let someone know a secret, no matter how big or small, is satisfying. You are now NOT the only holder of a piece of information anymore.”


When you put this paper down, do yourself a favor and go visit the Post Secret board. Read them, take in the drawings and pictures. Make one yourself and tape it on the glass. There’s a living piece of art to take part in, and you’d be amiss to pass it by. 



Graduates Kendall Mahon and Jenny Gamertsfelder took inspiration from Frank Warren, creator of the Post Secret concept, for the distribution and creation of the post secrets. Mahon and Gamertsfelder distributed blank, pre-addressed post cards to students and staff, only instructing to be creative. Our own Post Secret board at the school is frequented by 

students looking for anything from inspiring to hilarious. Students also continue to add onto the board, taping post secrets onto the glass and adding to this living art.


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