We have to 'wade,' 'sea' what happens

Alexis McIntosh

     “Why don’t we have a pool at Hudson High School?” I ask myself. We have a weight room, a new stadium coming and fields for all the other sports teams, so why not a place for swimming? 
      It turns out that many schools across the state of Ohio have swimming pools.  For example, a school in the middle of nowhere, like Wooster, has an eight-lane swimming pool; but a blue ribbon school like Hudson does not. That is almost mind boggling. Hudson High School 
 is an excellent school that needs a pool.
     Another reason is the pool could bring in lots of money. The new pool could host birthday parties, swim lessons and big swim meets. 
     Chris Kinsey, a member of the high school swim team said, “ I don’t understand why we don’t have a pool. For me personally, it would be best for the swim team to have one. The pool we practice in now is old and beat up. And for crying out loud, it is at East Woods.  Also it would save time for everyone on the swim team if we just had a pool here. And plus people could use the pool to work out like they do the weight room. It just makes sense for Hudson to have a pool.” 
     Athletic Director Ray Ebersole said, “ Hudson would love to have a pool and that it would be great for gym classes, it’s just not in our budget. It would take tons of fund raising and would cost close to $7 million.” 
            Angela Piazza, a sophomore at Hudson High School, who is not a member of the swim team, and she said, “ I would love to have a pool, I think it would be nice. It would give students more to do around here.” 
     It seems that adding a pool to Hudson would be a good idea for the students. From personal experience, I think having a pool at Hudson High would be excellent. It would save lots of time and be more convenient for swimmers to visit the trainer when they have an injury. Along with this the underclassmen wouldn’t have to beg and nag the upperclassmen for rides to the pool at East Woods.  A pool would be good for everyone, not just swimmers. By having a pool students could do all their training at the high school instead of paying for those high-priced gym memberships. 
     So in the end, having a pool would be very convenient and would be very useful towards the student body.  We could hold various fundraisers like we did for the stadium to raise the money for the pool.  Hudson High School owns so much land that it would be easy to find room for a new pool. 


2012-04-19 10:07:27