Drop! The band season at HHS comes to climactic finale

Eric Rosenthal

    As the Hudson Swing Marching Band will firmly assert, they’re every bit as big as the football team. To paraphrase Sergio Iriarte, the band’s official announcer: “We graciously allow the football team to play at our concerts.”

     The band, as big as it is in Hudson, certainly deserves a recap of their season. For the first time in a quarter century, somebody other than Marc Zartman is at the helm; Beverly O’Connor steered the band through these mysterious tides for another excellent season. 

     Like every other year, the season began with band camp, which fell on the week of August 1-5. Band shows at Mogodore and appearances at all of the school football games were as expected, but there was one heart-wrenching absence: Parade of Bands. Due to inclement weather, the annual show’s 51st anniversary did not materialize.

     The senior show, at which the seniors both decide the songs and choreograph the marching, as well as crafting a unique and entertaining dance, was on Oct. 28. The following week, Nov. 4, marked the indoor band show where awards were given and every song from the season was played. 

     Not even a monumental change in leadership can hold the HHS Marching Band back as another season comes to a close in the second round of the playoffs. Next year’s season can’t start soon enough.


2011-12-15 14:09:22